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Dell EMC Certified servers offer a strong foundation for a powerful data analytics platform.

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Easily handle Big Data

As technology evolves, it is vital for companies to utilize big data to stay relevant to the consumer. The issue? There are vast amounts of data that go untouched because conventional IT systems are not built to handle the size, speed and diversity of information generated by social media, apps, published reports, etc.

The solution? Hadoop. Hadoop is a distributed file system created for storing and processing the big data your business needs. Unlike traditional IT systems, Hadoop enables multiple types of analytic workloads to run on the same data, at the same time at a massive scale, all on industry-standard hardware. In less complicated terms, it can house and analyze all the data you need to push your company into the future.

Optimal hardware

While utilizing Hadoop’s technology creates the opportunity for tremendous growth and ROI, many companies spend copious amounts of time and resources looking for the right architecture to fit their big data requirements. Choosing the correct hardware with optimal configuration (including servers, storage, network devices and supporting infrastructure) to run Hadoop, requires knowledge of Hadoop operations and scaling. That’s why Serviot and our lines of Dell EMC products are here to help.

Why Dell EMC?

Why choose Dell EMC products? Hardware and expertise are crucial factors when building a Hadoop infrastructure. Dell EMC simplifies the architecture, design, planning and configuration, allowing you to focus on delivering deeper insights and making data-driven decisions.

Hadoop implementations built on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are highly scalable, cost-effective, flexible, and fault tolerant. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers have been tested, optimized and validated for powerful Hadoop cluster deployments of any size.

Hadoop infrastructure from Serviot

By building Hadoop infrastructures with Serviot, you get Hadoop solutions built on Dell EMC Certified PowerEdge servers which lowers your total cost of hardware — ultimately getting you to positive ROI much faster. Whether your experience with Hadoop is novice or experienced, Serviot offers flexible architecture solutions to help at any stage of your Hadoop journey.

Our experts can design, build and test full turnkey clusters that are integrated with the optimal Hadoop distribution of your choice. Or, Serviot offers Hadoop cluster builds with designed and optimized configurations for companies that want their own integration. With Serviot, we can also help you add inexpensive nodes to existing Hadoop clusters to quickly, and cost-effectively, scale your environment.

With Hadoop, Dell EMC and Serviot, we can help you refresh for less.

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